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Bella Butterfly...

When Bella’s dreadful May Day brings her world crashing down, she must walk through wild woods and crawl on rugged ground.  With battered wings and shattered heart she fears a bitter end, until one flower’s healing power helps her rise again...

Inspired by a young girl with autism, Bella Butterfly is the story of a butterfly’s walk in the world... On a path paved with strife and struggle, Bella’s battle is a heart touching metaphor with a powerful message of healing for girls of all ages...

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Tweet Christian Children's Book by Mary Beth Lavin


Mary Beth Lavin is a creative writer spanning multiple genres from music and lyrics

to screenplays and children’s stories.  Her latest release, “Bella Butterfly” is a tribute to the #AutismSpeaks movement inspired by the beautiful mind of her autistic goddaughter. 

 Mary Beth made her debut in children’s literature with “Tweet,” a socially savvy tale of faith which has earned ecclesiastical praise and 5-star reviews from church leaders and readers alike.  

Mary Beth Lavin has written a beautiful tale for children, filled with allusions to the Gospels and the history of the Church. The story of one pigeon’s fascinating journey to the roots of his faith, ‘Tweet’ is one of those rare accounts that illustrates the defeat of evil through the disarming power of goodness."  Fr. Lucas Laborde, St. John Society, US/Argentina

“Tweet reawakened in my Franciscan heart joy and thankfulness for all that is innocent and childlike. It reinforces the importance of respect and appreciation for all that is sacred."

Sr. Anna Cosgrave OSF, Holy Trinity Parish, Columbia PA

A former flight attendant of 26 years, Mary Beth is also the former Founder and Director of Formula One Life, a non-profit organization of flight attendants which delivered infant formula and aid to orphans in developing countries for nine years.   As a language qualified, Italian and Spanish interpreter, she spent most of her career flying to Italy and Latin America drawing endless inspiration from her travels, missions and cultural exchanges.

 Mary Beth holds degrees in Journalism and Spanish from the University of Florida and certificates of advanced studies from language institutes in Rome and Le Marche, Italy.  

Follow Mary Beth on social media and check back soon for her next children’s release,

”Heart & SOLE” 👠



A socially savvy tale of faith from a bird's eye view!

Frank Columbo is a pigeon on a mission... Fed up with scrounging for bread only to pay the local bird bullies, Frank decides to break out of his invisible cage on the journey of a lifetime. On wings of a higher power, Frank takes off to a distant land to discover his royal heritage, a heavenly bread, a love he must share and news he must spread...

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by Ellie Dommel, Grade 4

A talented young artist's author/illustator portrait! This brilliant piece was produced by 4th grader Ellie Dommel at Our Lady of the Angels Catholic School in Columbia, PA. Thank you for this treasure, Ellie!

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