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All songs by Mary Beth Lavin;

Vocal & Arrangement credits:

Overcome, Leslie Fuller/Shawn Lopez

How Much, Lydia Gott/Chuck Butler

Walk Away, Mary Beth Lavin/Bryan LeMar

What He Makes, Mary Beth Lavin/Todd Lombardo

My Very Own Room, Lori Triplett/Todd Lombardo

Maybe, Lisa Bevill/Steve Dady

Cloud 10, Shawn Dady/Steve Dady

Truer Words, Lisa Bevill/Steve Dady

Through the Fire, Michelle Swift/Chuck Butler

Dreams, Leslie Fuller/Shawn Lopez

Songwriting became a passion early on in Mary Beth’s childhood... It wasn’t until many years later, however, that her dream started to take shape, when she landed a personal assistant position with the world renowned songwriter/producer Desmond Child in Miami Beach. Along with a score of exciting co-writes stemming from her work for Desmond, her greatest thrill came in welcoming Ricky Martin to the recording session for his internationally acclaimed “Livin’La Vida Loca” penned by Desmond Child and Robi Draco Rosa. Inspired by her work under Desmond, Mary Beth later followed her heart to Nashville, where she focused on fine tuning her craft and producing radio ready demos for the contemporary Christian and country markets. After some twists and turns in her personal life, Mary Beth began to sense a clear calling to missions... Her subsequent missions to Ethiopia and other developing countries inspired not only compelling story songs but also a non-profit for orphans, “Formula One Life” which Mary Beth founded and directed for the next nine years... As Mary Beth’s creative writing gradually expanded to children’s stories and screenplays, she now aims to come full circle as her songs align as soundtracks for her future faith based films...✨

How Much
Walk Away
My Very Own Room
Cloud 10
Truer Words
Through the Fire
What He Makes
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